Professional Experience

Virgin Pulse
I began my career at a young company called Virgin Pulse after my freshman year in college. Initially started by Richard Branson, this company's mission was to create workforce habits that matter. They created a service and product that companies can invest in to promote health in and out of work. The benefits were duel sided - the employee is healthier, gets rewards such as gift cards, and is more efficient; the company can spend less money on healthcare and have happier, and more effective employees. I began as a Quality Assurance Intern. I would manually test the features as the developers created them. My manager found out I had some programming under my belt so he tasked me with trying to create an automation test. These tests are using for continuous integration and to quickly find issues without the need of continuously testing features. I am truly grateful for this internship; it taught me the power of technology and how it can be applied for massive cost and time savings. Not only this, but the environment and people here were exceptional. Lastly, this not only started my professional career as a technologist, but also as a ping pong player.

JPMorgan Chase
Wow. I landed an internship with one of the biggest banks in the world and the highest market capitalization. A quarter of a million employees! During my first internship with the company, I was on a agile team of six interns. Due to my knowledge of agile methodologies, I was chosen to lead as the Scrum Master for the project. Our goal was to migrate a rewards management system to the cloud. We developed micro-services using Spring framework and Hibernate ORM. Not only did I lead the group by working with product owners to create stories and keep the team on track, but I also developed my technical skills as a full stack developer. I loved my internship so much, I decided to come back to New York City the following summer.

Because of the size of the company, I knew I would be able to continue developing my skills by returning to the company. I worked on a funds valuation application. Our goal was to create data visualizations to help identify outlying CUSIPs and general trends. Overall, JP Morgan allowed me to build up an strong set of technical programming skills. Specifically, I worked predominantly with Java, SQL, Angular, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Spring Framework, Cloud, ETL tools.

I have recently been given the opportunity to drive impact on the Campus Refresh project at the company. We are levereging fiber optics to create the campus of the future through IoT. I am currenly working to migrate circuits impacted by the construction zone. This includes many sensitive services including circuits such as Bloomberg and Black Rock that finance uses for all of their transactions. I have been given a chance to glance into the world of network infrastructure and the backbone of Microsoft.