I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and became a first generation immigrant to America in 1997. I spent most of my life growing up in a suburb of Boston.

Growing up in competitive environment of a top high school has trained me to push myself to my limits. I chose to attend the prestigious University of Maryland with top ranking business and computer science programs. I started my education as a Computer Science Major and switched to a double major in Information Systems and Operations Management/Business Analytics. Why did I switch to a business degree? I wanted to combine my love of technology and business. I knew I could keep up with my technical skills by attending hackathons, pursuing SWE internships, and having project on the side. Switching majors also allowed me to graduate a year earlier and reduce post-college financial burden.

My goal is to apply technology to solve business problems. I love to think analytically and challenge the norm. I seek to pursue a career where I can work on a forward-thinking, cross-functional team and make an impact.