I grew up skiing but switched to the dark side (snowboarding) around the age of 13. I followed my passions into a winter job as a snowboard instructor throughout high school. Kitesurfing is what I do when there isn't enough snow in August. Other sports I enjoy are krav maga (israeli self defense), scuba diving, biking, swimming, and hiking.

Learning Languages
I am fluent in Russian since I have had exposure through my family. In addition, becuase I have had the opportunity to travel, I have seen the true value of being multi-lingual both from a communication perspective and understanding cultures. I have been inspired to continue my education in Spanish by actively seeking opportunities to practice (watching moves, speaking with spanish natives, etc). In addition, during my most recent trip I picked up German with basic proficiency.

This is why I have a whole page dedicated to it! I've visited 33 different countries and counting.

Making Stuff
Like this website! I grew up making little inventions and gadgets. I recently helped my dad build our summer house from scratch and I knit a stuffed teddy bear for my moms birthday. I also build a custom TV mount for my new apartment in Seattle because the studs were not fitting to a regular off-the-shelf mount.